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Your strategic advantage.

Strategic CPAs + Advisors is a firm built with today's technology and a focus on putting you first. Our virtual approach goes above and beyond the traditional firm to provide you the most efficient service with the greatest value. 



Strategic CPAs + Advisors is a virtual based CPA firm with one goal — to save you money and make your life easier. 

Here's what you need to know:


Strategic CPAs + Advisors is a virtual CPA firm focused on saving you money and making your life easier. 

Here's what you need to know:

Our firm was built for this day and age. With clients ranging from California, New York, Florida, and many places in between, we have the technology and resources to take care of you regardless of your location. As a fully remote firm, we have the accessibility and flexibility to put you first.


We have partners, not clients.

Because of this philosophy, we take a custom approach to each and every client based on their situation. We believe in being a trusted advisor and want to be your strategic partner year-round. We bring the experience and creativity needed to optimize your results. 

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Cash is king. Oftentimes, CPA's and Advisors lose sight of that in the day-to-day grind of billable hours. Our number one goal is to save you more money and do so efficiently. Isn't that why you hire an expert in the first place? We make it a priority to keep money in your pocket. Ask us about our fixed-price model. 



Trust the experts to get your tax burden as low as legally possible. We partner with you to actively plan before tax time to make sure the government doesn't get more than they're supposed too.  


We specialize in saving small business owners money. S Corporations, C Corporations and Partnerships, we will advise you throughout the year to optimize your tax situation.


Whether it is due diligence assistance to make sure you are paying the right price, creating a pitch book to land you initial capital or general consulting to help increase your bottom line, we have the experience and creativity needed to generate success.


We make starting a business easy.  Entity structure planning, LLC/EIN setup, S Corp Elections, quickbooks implementations, we can work together to set the right foundation for your company. 


Let us be your outsourced accounting professional. Our team takes on the duties a traditional accounting department handles so you can focus on your business. Including, but not limited too, Monthly/Quarterly/Annual financial reporting, budgeting, bill payment, and cash flow analysis.  


Trusting us with your business taxes and payroll allows you to focus on your business. Outsource your payroll to ensure full compliance with the IRS and state governments. 



Strategic CPAs + Advisors has created a unique fee structure to provide our clients the best value. We offer fixed-price services for a majority of our tax engagements. By utilizing a flat fee, we are able to roll our sleeves up and truly strategize with our clients, without the fear of running up the billable clock. Strategic CPAs + Advisors partners with clients to understand your needs and provides a tailored solution.


We are differentiating our billing structure from the traditional CPA firm's “billable hour”

to demonstrate our commitment to our clients.


Small Business Tax Package

With one of our core specialties being small businesses, specifically S Corporations with 1 or 2 shareholders, we have created an All-Inclusive Tax Package for Small Businesses

Each package is customized to the client’s specific situation but the general package consists of:

  • One Fixed Price (can be broken into monthly payments)

  • Business Tax Return Preparation

  • Individual Tax Return Preparation

  • Business Deductions review and optimization

  • Year-round tax planning and analysis

  • Annual Reasonable Salary Reviews

  • Monthly Payroll Processing inclusive of Quarterly Reports and Annual W-2s/1099s

  • Q3/Q4 Detailed “Tune Up” to maximize opportunities before year end

  • Unlimited Questions and Emails throughout the year

Additional Pricing

Our pricing structure is flexible to best meet your needs — whether its fixed-price, hourly or retainer based. There are certain scenarios and services where a flat fee is not configureable, and it will be our dedicated effort to identify the value no matter the situation. Contact us to find out how we can help. 



We thrive off helping people save money — let us help you. 


If you're interested in partnering with Strategic CPAs + Advisors, contact us today or begin our intake process outlined below.

Information Intake:


Please follow these steps to get started:


Send the following (if available) to our secure portal by using the guest file transfer:

  • Last two years individual tax returns, including any state returns

  • Last two years business tax returns, including any state returns

  • Prior year and most recent year to date financials or Profit and Loss statements

We focus on creating partners, not clients. To ensure a productive partnership, after receiving your information, we will provide a preliminary review and assessment of your prior tax returns at no charge.  After that, we will discuss the next steps to ensure the relationship is a good fit for both us.

Feel free to contact us with any questions, our contact information is at the bottom of the page.



Casey Davis, Principal 

Tel:  813-355-8580

Fax:  813-602-5974


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